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Zoho Social Food for Thought - Spring 2024

Zoho Social Team recently shared some fascinating insights about social media from Christopher Penn, Mari Smith, Joe Pulizzi, and Richard Bliss.


Christopher Penn, co-founder of Trust Insights, discusses the evolution of AI over the past few years, its current capabilities, and its potential impact on jobs.


In another episode, Mari Smith, a Facebook marketing expert, explains Meta's plans for AI developments in the application and how these will make networking easier and more authentic.


Joe Pulizzi, CEO of The Tilt & CEX, shares his journey in content marketing and provides valuable tips on how to make your content work for you.


Lastly, Richard Bliss, CEO of BlissPoint Consulting, offers advice on leveraging LinkedIn and maximizing your presence on this powerful networking platform.

Share your thoughts or contact us at to discuss managing your social channels marketing in Zoho.

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