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  • The Kixie phone system offers a bi-directional integration with Zoho CRM, meaning contact data is shown in and can be updated from both the Kixie dialer and the contact record in Zoho, with any edits reflected immediately in both places.  

  • Kixie automatically logs inbound and outbound calls, SMS messages, notes, call dispositions, and contact edits made in the dialer within Zoho, so your data and call history is always up to date.

  • Easily setup events (such as a new lead submission, a certain number of outreach attempts, trial or demo signups, etc.) to trigger automated calls and texts to a contact for seamless follow-up.

  • Contact us for a demo of the Kixie system - 1-833-964-3577 or

* Pricing below is current as of 1/1/2024 but may be subject to change

Kixie 2024 Pricing.png
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