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Why Gen Z— the “learn anything” generation is Embracing Zoho Technology

The entry of Gen Z— the “learn anything” generation—into the workforce is forcing change. Gen Z expects to find everything they need to know on YouTube or Google. And as the first “no code” hacker generation, they expect to customize, connect, and even create technology with very little technical knowledge—just a willingness to dig in and get their hands dirty.

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code and automate complex business workflows within minutes.

Zoho Flow Dashboard

A "Flow" is the combination of a trigger and action(s). The trigger kick-starts the flow, and the actions are tasks executed by the flow. The trigger can be a data update or a scheduled point in time. The action can be updating data in an app, sending an email, delaying for a specified period, or a custom function. You can also include branching logic based on different conditions to create powerful flows.

Zoho Flow provides a platform for you to create flows that connect cloud apps to automate data and information transfer. This lets you save time so you can focus on tasks that require more attention. Your apps will share data automatically, so you'll have what you need at the right time and place.

Easy Drag and Drop Zoho Flow Interface

Watch this short video and feel free to contact us at 833-964-3577 for a walk through of Zoho Flow.

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