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A radically different data security approach...

A recent email from Zoho to the User Community really struck us a why Zoho is growing exponentially around the World. All of us are increasingly becoming aware of how we are being tracked on-line and our user profile information being "SOLD" without our knowledge. Zoho is making it clear they don't play that game with our privacy...

Hi ZoHelpers,

Here at Zoho, we handle data security and privacy differently than the vast majority of companies out there.

While we may be on an island (even though there are no islands in Texas), we encourage other companies to join suit.

Because we believe our customers' data is theirs and theirs alone.

We've committed to disallowing ANY third party software on our site or software.

No ad tracking pixels. No behavior tracking. No Zoho ads that follow you around the inter webs just because you clicked on our site. (It's a nightmare for marketers, but we think it's worth it!)

Why? Because at our core, we believe in the sanctity of data privacy.

That's a big reason a lot of enterprise companies are incorporating Zoho products in to their business.

Of course there's the fact that we've built a completely modular platform, allowing companies to pick and choose what they need, or run their entire business with Zoho as their back end, sleeping soundly knowing that their data is secure.

I'd love to chat with you more about data privacy and learn about what is important specifically to you.

Just reply to this email with your availability and we can set up a time to connect :)

Talk soon,

Arun Srinivasan

Zoho for Enterprise

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